Something traumatic happened last night. I watched Rurouni Kenshin: Trust & Betrayal and Rurouni Kenshin: Reflection.

About a month ago, I started watching some anime thanks to a friend. I’m a padawan learner in this respect. I’ve been browsing the web for shows to watch because I had no idea what to start watching. It’s difficult to find shows to watch that are interesting to you, but also fall in line with you moral convictions. You want to honor your core beliefs with what you watch and you also want to honor God with your actions. I found these two four episode series suggested on a blog so I YouTubed it. Right away it was very appealing to me because it represented Japanese social themes that I identify with personally and would like to see lived out in American lives.

For example, Honor is a theme that I felt was very well portrayed. Althought the main character Kenshin had basically lost his humanity for becoming an assassin, he lived his life to the best he could. Instead of wallowing in the haunting memory of his victims, he took responsibility for his actions and went to seek atonement. Not only did he wish to write his wrongs, but he dedicated his life to using his sword for the protections of the weak. This was what defined him as a man and what he also deemed his the passage of redemption. Kenshin knew that he could not be fulfilled if he didn’t take action to address his sins. He is an example for me because although it seams easier to stay in my place and regret, it is better to find a way to right your wrongs no matter how difficult that may be.

Kenshin however went looking for atonement in his actions against evil. As followers of Christ we know that you cannot save yourself. For Kenshin, he established the measuring stick on sin and forgiveness. He wondered the land waiting and striving to reach the end of that measuring stick where he would be forgiven. But how do we know where that end is? When are we finished making up for our faults? Kenshin looked for fulfillment, but it is impossible to find that on your own accord. You can never personally know where the end of that measuring stick is therefor we can never do enough.

There is an easier way. The moral measuring stick is not inside us and we cannot decide how far it goes. The Lord has told us exactly what we need to be redeemed. Not only is it easier then we think to be forgiven, but when we are, we’re not redeemed by the universe, ourselves, or morality itself, but the creator of the universe, the creator of the concept of forgiveness.

We cannot look within ourselves for our own salvation and we cannot make ourselves feel better with our own actions. It is the actions of Jesus Christ and no one else who can truly make us feel whole again.