Many forces and views work to shape the world we live in. Moral questions, politics, and personal goals turn society away from a God centered world. Worldviews compete with each other for domination, all wishing to define good and evil, or even eliminate those concepts all together. There are many themes in the pilot episode of Death Note that highlight how good and evil have become intertwined. Here is a pile of concepts that Light tackled with in the first episode of Death Note with a Christian Worldview’s reaction.

Why was I chosen? Light is a boy who finds a notebook with the power to kill anyone who’s name is written inside it. When asking why he was chosen to have the book, Light, really looks for justification for his murderous actions, but in his logical mind, he’s already compiled enough of a reason to keep on killing bad guys. Perhaps, he can convince himself that he is doing good, if some force greater then himself believes the same. This represents man’s longing to be recognized and applauded by God for his actions whether they are defined by good or evil. Just like a young boy looks for affirmation from his father, humanity longs for approval from a greater power. Men want to live in peace and harmony with each other creating balance. This balance in their minds is pleasing to what ever greater force is out there because it’s stable. Light embodies man’s want to be noticed. In Light’s world, there is no god who loves his people, so there is a real and present need for spiritual security, in his case, being justified by using the evil of the Death Note by the god of death who follows him around.

Power Lust – If there is no god, then it’s perfectly logical to believe you have total control over you life. Life is simply an accident therefore, there is no “goal” or meaning to life. We see societies who create explanations for God and his plans. Many cultures believe in fate, the force that keeps you from making your own decisions. The media teaches us to take control of our lives, follow our dreams, and stop at nothing to get what we want. For followers of Christ, we know that God’s will is good. The Greeks and Romans questioned the goodness of Fate, thus creating the want to use human strength to create the path we want to walk on. Since we know that our God is a good God, we want to walk in the center of his will. This is the reason we can have such assurance and peace. We aren’t searching for power with in ourselves or in other forces like the Death Note, because we know that the most powerful one is on our side. We’ve found the ability to let go of this lust for power because there is something more fulfilling.

The Ends Justify the Means – Two wrongs do not make a right. When an opportunity such as the Death Note presents itself, the temptation taps into our selfish nature and makes us believe that ultimately, we can make the right decision by ourselves. Using the Death Note makes logical sense right? If you can do good by it, it doesn’t matter how you came to that conclusion. That would imply that you as an individual truly knew the definition of right. Every person has a different view, so would you want to trust someone who represents the forces of good to take such measures? Would you trust that random person to be an accurate representation of good?

Think about this – by using the Death Note, you’re taking the life of someone God created. Are you telling God that he made a mistake in that person’s existence?

Evil is Actually Good – this idea originated with the serpent in the Garden of Eden and has stuck with society since. The devil’s logic is – God is not only bad, but he’s mean because he’s keeping information for his creation. So the devil tricks us into believing that evil is good because he presents us with the temptation of knowledge, power, or even security, all three Light craves. In the real world, everything is either right or wrong, but God, the creator of the measuring stick, is the only one who knows exactly where everyone’s actions lie in accordance to justice. Man is constantly fighting over whether something is morally right or wrong. Christians fight about the smallest denominational issues. Some people read the bible and decided that some things are good, but choose to ignore the rest. It’s alright to not have all the answers- you never will, because we can’t comprehend what God can. What’s important is that we have an attitude where we want to peruse what’s good and true. God tells us bluntly that evil is evil and what evil looks like. We can’t get caught in that trap.

Playing God – Being bored isn’t good enough reason to run around practicing godly power. Along side the lust for power, being bored makes people do crazy things. Often, we’re bored because we crave something spiritual deep down that we can’t seam to find anywhere else. Men were created for fellowship with God, so that feeling is completely natural. Obviously, Light did not understand these emotions and therefor did not understand the best way to fulfill this longing. Men believe that we deserve something more. We believe that we deserve knowledge and power because we have a selfish nature. The Holy Spirit combats this selfish nature by teaching us to let go of these worldly things that are unattainable, and showing us what is worthy of pursuing.