Although I’ve never met anyone as deadly as Gaara, I have met many people longing to find an answer to life’s purpose like he. It’s the ultimate question – What’s the meaning of Life?

Humans think they need to have an answer for every question, and there are just as many places to find answers as there are questions in the world. Science, Religion, Nature, the depth of our own souls – perhaps as to where that place with all the answers is is an even bigger question then the purpose of life.

We know that in life, there is great suffering and great joy. If the meaning of life is to please ourselves as Gaara believes, then we must rid our world of all despair and negativity in order to have untainted pleasure. However, right there, we encounter a problem. This definition of the meaning of life implies that in order for every single person to experience the truest form of pleasure, we must all agree on what causes suffering, and all be in agreement on getting rid of it. The definition of what makes life painful differs between each person because we all experience life differently. This simple fact proves that the meaning of life cannot be to live to please ourselves because this is the most unattainable goal life has to offer. With this definition, it would be impossible for every single person to fulfill the meaning of life. Living selfishly will never benefit others.

When was the moment that Gaara realized that he needed purpose in life? T’was after he saw the face of true selfishness. Still, he tried to use the selfishness of others to benefit himself. Again. Living selfishly will never benefit others.

I love only myself and fight only for myself. And as long as I think everybody exists to make me feel that way… the world is wonderful… a soul needs a purpose to live, and so I concluded that my purpose was to kill everyone besides myself. I felt alive…” – Gaara 

Gaara come to the conclusion that hope could not be found in other people, as he believes that the purpose of “people” was to make other people feel lonely. In his eyes, this is a negative aspect of society that must be rid of in order for him to have true untainted pleasure. If he can accomplish that through the killing of all people, then he has fulfilled the meaning of life we described above. Thus, suffering has a real role in his worldview. It is to set the stage for his journey to fulfill the meaning of life.

Although executed completely differently, Christianity also gives suffering a reason.

Many people ask, how can we have joy while we are suffering? To Gaara, the answer is because he has hope that his suffering will end once he kills every person. This hope however originates in his selfish as a result of the selfishness of others.

Christians find hope in Christ, who is the complete opposite of selfishness. Our hope is completely different from Gaara’s because through it, we can not only obtain complete pleasure for ourselves, but for all of our brothers and sisters as well. Winning our battle will have far better results then Gaar’s will. Through Gaara’s hope, only he can obtain the pleasure he seeks.

Christians have hope even while we suffer because we know that there is more to life beyond what is in our hurt at the present, and our physical lives on this earth. This is how Christians find hope- a positive emotion that counteracts and contradicts our situational despair. It is this hope we find in suffering that gives purpose to our lives, even purpose to our suffering.

We obtain hope through our God, but Gaara obtains hope through his own strength. Here is an example of why Gaara believes he is his own God. As well, when we act on our own accord, we make ourselves our own god because deep in ourselves, we believe we know better then anyone else, including God. This concept has been around since the beginning of time.

When Adam and Eve were offered the apple, it was because the serpent told them that there was powerful information being kept from them by a selfish God. Their sin, eating the apple was them trying to obtain the same status as God. Obviously, this didn’t work. It’s not God who lied to us as the Serpent claims, it’s Satan who’s lied to us telling us we can be our own god. Satan himself wanted to be more powerful then God, and now he’s the farthest thing from it. Now he tries to get us to believe the same desire he disproved himself. It’s counterproductive. God wants us to realize that we can’t do it on our own, we need him.

God have us the Ten Commandments not to shove rules down our throats or to cause us suffering and guilt because we cannot keep them. Quite the opposite in fact. God gave us rules to protect us from ourselves and our sin, and to also point out to us how weak we really are when we try to play god. Our failures in this respect humble us, and bring us the closest to God we can ever be. Only when we truly understand that we are limited, can we find the true God.

Humans cannot be gods since it’s obvious we are far from perfect. Every culture has moral absolutes that resemble each other so there is a set measuring stick in this world no matter where you believe it’s origins to be. Gaara makes his own measuring stick to make himself his own god. He gives purpose to himself with his self-bestowed divine power. Only God can give us purpose because without God, there is meaningless guilt and suffering that cannot be fixed by our self-given purpose.

Guilt exists because deep in our hearts we feel we have done something wrong. If this is true, then we have fallen short of some moral code that gives us this guilt. Gaara confuses his guilt about his sinful nature with the idea that it is instead the power that makes him his own god. No matter how many times he tells himself this, there is still guilt, implying that he has done something against the laws of morality. He instead chooses to ignore this.

So then, what does God say is the purpose of life?