Gravity Falls rolled a D20 with this episode, but they sure hit and cause massive damage to the game’s boss. As a lover of these RPG games, this episode gave me many laughs and memories of the times long ago playing games like D&D with all the nerdy boys…


One of the greatest things about this show is how every episode has a different tone. This week’s episode, a parody of Dungeons and Dragons was the perfect platform for the tricky relationship between Ford and Stan, and highlighted the rising tensions between Dipper and Mabel. There’s nothing like being forced to play a game with more numbers then words to heal broken relationship!

Now that Ford has arrived, Dipper wants nothing more then to spend long nights picking his uncle’s brain. Dipper has poured so much emotional energy into dreaming about the day he would meet the author, just to learn that the author is his own uncle! Dipper craves for a Master/Apprentice relationship with his uncle, but Ford pushes him away for fear of hurting his family. Ford has such a broken relationship with Stan that he fears even trying a new relationship with his nephew.


It takes a game of Dungeons, Dungeons and more Dungeons for Ford to bond with Dipper. Dipper receives the fulfillment he craves from his idol figure, and Ford learns that relationships aren’t a scary thing.

Ford still has a lot to learn about being in the new “Mentor” figure Dipper bestows on him. In order to please Dipper since he’s thankful for all the time Dipper has invested in him, Ford wants to let him in on a small aspect of his life – a secret. He shows Dipper the inter-dimensional space goo that’s incredibly unstable. Of course, Dipper is intrigued! Finally, Ford has shared some new information with him! The problem is, that Ford wanted Dipper to keep this a secret from Stand and even Mabel. Even if Ford has learned to trust Dipper, he still doesn’t trust his family. Ford in his mind has divided the family into sections of who he trusts and who he doesn’t. Dipper has earned his trust, but Stan has as well proven by all the effort and time he poured into getting Ford back. Ford still holds a lot of anger against Stan preventing him from trusting him. Ford doesn’t understand that you can’t pick favorites in your family. He should have stood up as the responsible Mentor and kept that information to himself if he deemed it such dangerous knowledge. He should trust everyone in his family.

The Game against the Probabilitor was symbolic of the sibling pairing up against each other. Even if they had the same goal, it was apparent that Mabel leans towards spending time with Stan and Dipper works best along side Ford. The moral of the game however, was that each pair needed to work together in order to defeat the boss – not surprising for a kid’s show. Having a pairing isn’t the problem unless you put the value of your pair above the other, which is what Ford struggles with.

After the battle, they only win because Stan cheated, Mabel and Stan apologize for making fun of Dungeons, Dungeons, and more Dungeons. They don’t want to admit that they had their own fun. Mabel got to play pretend, and Stan got to cheer against the game itself.

At the end of each show, characters always apologies for their mistakes, but more then that, they never make the same mistake again. This teaches kids that when you fall short, it’s not enough to just say sorry and then go on making the same mistake. In this episode, feelings were hurt, forgiveness was made, and the trust between Dipper and Mabel was reignited because they trust each other to not make the same mistakes again.

Ford, does not trust Stan, because he still believes, as sorry as Stan is for what he’s done, that he’ll still make the same mistakes. Ford believe that it’s just in his character to do so. It’s been so many years, Stand has learned so much and grown as a person and a father figure. He’s learned how important it is to protect family, and he wants nothing more then to be redeemed by his brother. Stan knows he’ll never fall short in the same way again, but Ford hasn’t seen this change in his brother yet.

This is a theme that I know will be heavily addressed in the rest of the second season. The relationships between a Mentor and his Apprentice, a brother and his sister, a man and his awkward son figure… these are beautiful dynamics that I can’t wait to see develop!

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~ I haven’t written in a while because life has been hectic! This seams to be a theme among bloggers. My time has been consumed by my recent move across an ocean, meeting new friends, and this new screenplay I‘ve been obsessed with writing! Since Gravity Falls has come back on, you’ll see a lot of more posts about cartoons on the western side of the world! ~