This post is inspired by the ending of a show that is actually very hard for me to deal with. This show, is not an anime, it’s an American cartoon – and one of the best I’ve ever seen. Maybe some of you internet junkies know what I’m taking about. Gravity Falls is a show that takes place in Gravity Falls Oregon, which if any of you didn’t know, I have a small obsession with Oregon and I’m looking to move there in six months. This show was one my mother wasn’t too keen on me watching, but let me anyway when she found it was so funny. This show, pushing that boundary for the family in the justifying our cartoon watching, allowed us to be immersed in anime to the degree my sisters and I fan about.

The point of all this as I say again, is to answer the question I know many of us have dealt with. How am I supposed to deal with my favorite show ending?

When a show ends, and we become sad about it, we need to let ourselves be sad. The reasons we identify with our favorite shows are very real to us. The love we feel is not shallow or fake. It’s real. Often we feel our silly loves are not worth our time, and we shouldn’t have such strong emotions for something as small as a show. I’ve been asking God lately, why did you give me such a large heart? I can fit so many things inside it – my love for anime, the internet, friends, family, writing, and YOU, with a crazy amount of passion for each, and there is still room for more in that thing. Then I hear him say, that that’s the way he created me. People like us, people who read this, are wired to fall in love with stories. And I hope by writing this, we can all know that that is perfectly alright. I know that God gave me this passion for stories and he wants me to use it. When I mourn shows, I’m diving down to a level that I was created to experience. It doesn’t matter that it was a cartoon that caused me to go to that emotional place. What matters is the fact that I was able to feel something so powerful that not everyone will be able to understand.

What is an appropriate way to be sad? I completely justify tears, but everyone has a line, and only you can know where it is. There comes a place where the sadness becomes obsession. If we want to be able to live in society even while we’re mourning, we need to know where that line is. Taking the time to slow down and debrief with ourselves on how we feel and why starts the healing process. What our brains crave at that point is closure, especially if your show did not have a good ending. After you’re done crying, sit down and ask yourself some questions. With the intention of excepting the end, review why the show meant to much to you. When you do this however, don’t think about what you’re loosing, think about what you’ve gained!

– How has this show added to your world view?

– How have you changed by watching it?

– What morals of the show align with your personal convictions?

I’ll repeat it again, the key word here is not loss, but gain. Focusing on what we will no longer have, is unproductively selfish. When we have a thought, “Oh, my favorite show is over!” or “This movie was so good, but there isn’t any more…” those thoughts lead to feelings. Feelings like sorrow, despair, loneliness. Feelings we then act on – and that is where things can go wrong. That’s where the show has taken control and we’re letting it.

No one wants to think positive when they feel sad. That’s why I encourage you to take a few moments, days ever, to cry without letting anyone know! Stories are a powerful thing. They have shaped humanity throughout history. Stories help us not to feel alone. When they’re over, it is like we’ve lost a friend. Let that be ok. Many stories last longer then friends, as sad as that is. So as Gravity Falls comes to an end my friends, smile and see how much you have gained from the experience, the fandom, the fan art.


So here’s the fun part. Here are the top shows that have made me cry the most. Does anyone have any of the in common with me? Am I justified?

Rurouni.Kenshin-.Tsuioku-hen.full.147865.jpg~Rurouni Kenshin Trust and Betrayal. I cried all by myself in the dark under my covers after watching this one. I loved Tomoe so much, that I actually chose her name for my Japanese class as everyone chose a Japanese name.

~Naruto. Naruto is special because it helped me transition from a hard place, to an even harder place.

~Star Wars the Clone Wars. It made the prequels beautiful. I recommend this cartoon to any anime fan.


~Sword Art Online. When you haven’t seen any anime, this thing is intense!


~When Marnie was There. This reminded me of the magic of childhood.

~Whisper of the Heart. Highlighted the passion of writing.

~Howel’s Moving Castle. Love can see trough anything.



~And of Corse, Gravity Falls



I dedicate this post to Alex Hirsh, who will never read this, but has inspired me to be the person I am today. You have created art my friend, that will take me a long time to mourn over.