Yes, yes I did. I’ve been thinking about doing it for a while. I hope to have even more changes to my blog to come, as I pray about it’s purpose and try and focus my energy more. If anyone is reading this, prayer for this task would be appreciated!

But, What Does Vintage Have to do with Anime or God?

“Vintage in my Veins” may not seam very Christian or Anime, and at the beginning at this blog, it wasn’t supposed to be. I just really liked old thing and the words stitched together sounded catchy. As the times change, people are seeing Christianity as an old out dated religion. It has no practical use in reality anymore. Hasn’t science basically disproved that there even is a God? Whether we decide to believe it or not, God is still apart of our world. “Vintage” is a word that means old, but it has a connotation of being delicate, out of use, just being something pretty to look at, or even something that’s sad. Kind of like how Christianity is viewed by the growing masses. But, “vintage” has another word tied into it – timeless. No matter how we decide to define God, he is still God. He is my creator, savior, and friend. I am his child, his daughter, so his blood and spirit flow through my veins. And if you tell me that God is vintage, then I’ll tell you that I have Vintage in my Veins.

This is a passage that is up in my “About Me” page. Some thing I’m thinking and praying through are such as adding a prayer page where anyone who would like prayer could email me. I feel God wants me to pray more and put myself to be there for the community on the internet.

A friend is also in the process of drawing some more pictures for my blog to match the tone I’m looking for. Since we’re both heavy in school now, I’m not pushing her, but you should be seeing some new art in time to come.

I’m also looking into doing some work at conventions, like hosting a panel and talking about much of the stuff I write about every week. My sisters and I are getting more into intense cosplay, so I’ll have them to back me up. Soon, I’ll write some posts about the outline of my panel I hope to do, so I can have some of everyone’s thoughts and opinions and prayer.

Finally, I am going to Japan this summer with three of my classmates. I am beyond excited, and in a funny way, I gained the ability to go because I started martial arts, which led me to sword training, which led me to a flash mod light saber battle at a con, which led me to money which allows me to pay for a plane ticket to Japan. (God likes to connect all of my favorite things together into one giant blessing ^_^) I hope that this blog will help ready me for that mission’s trip, and be a way for me to connect with people I may meet.

If you have any comments, please, let me know. I have a lot to think about as you see, and it’s crazy to see how God has used my love of writing for higher things.

Much Love,

Teresa Christina