So Netflix made an anime? I was hesitant to start this since I felt there were so many other anime I could be watching, but eventually I gave in when a friend said he was going to watch it with me. This friend eventually binge watched all of then without me… but I decided just to catch up and write up a review.



The very first thing that I notice about any show is the animation. It was ordinary in my opinion, same old big eyes, strange hair color, and lack of clothing that magically stays on. But for Netflix, it was very pleasing to the eye. I’ve seen Netflix pull off season six of Star Wars the Clone Wars beautifully, so I’m not surprised that can compete in the animation world. It wasn’t the animation that made this anime stand out. At the very intense parts, the artists did take the insinuative to make the angles dynamic and sharp, adding much intensity to the viewing.


The show is called, “The Seven Deadly Sins” because there are seven warriors who each committed one of the seven deadly sins, thus the name. Every couple of episodes, the story introduced another one of the sins. It was a brilliant way to keep the audience engaged while providing something new to distract us from how ordinary and shonen it was. The classic shonen approach was well executed hitting on all the questions of secret power, tragic back story, with a well developed love story between the main characters. This doesn’t mean however, that the pace of the story was done well.


It was a little hard to watch the story progress because the speed of the developing plot kept changing the more I watched. At the beginning of the season, it was very slow, but towards the very end, I couldn’t keep anything strait because there was so much added information. It took most of the season to even define the badest bad guy, the actual villain. Something that I just can’t stand in general is when a story claims that good is bad and bad is good, and it all ends happy in the end because love conquers all, or what not. This show, took the concept to a whole new level. There was so much moral grey, I didn’t know who to rout for. Characters were changing alliance left and right. New characters were added to change the tables last minute. Bad guys were suddenly good at the flick of a light switch. Some characters didn’t realize others had become good. It was simply a mess.

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 3.49.38 PM

Character Development

Backstories were told seemingly randomly and didn’t pertain to the actually story as other DND type stories do. In fact, backstory did more harm then good. It interrupted the plot enough to be defined as annoying. On a lighter note, this element did help the audience fall in love with the characters and understand them on a deeper level, but that’s to be expected. Still, ince their placement was so obscure, it took away from the “moment” the backstories were trying to pull from the audeince.

I was often confused about the love triangles. Obviously hansom man fell in love with princess, but there were other pairing and love leanings that distracted form the main mission. Unless they are defined and can contribute to the work as a whole, then I feel they just waist time. (This is the AP English nerd in me coming out)

As well, I wasn’t impressed with the “surprise power” that all the hero warriors harbor inside themselves. It was just enough power to defeat the bad guy, but honestly nothing out of the box. There was one element of this surprise power that I didn’t actually see coming, but even the measure of this person’s power wasn’t breathtaking or inspiring. It was more of a “how convenient” realization of their suddenly having a magical ability.

The characters themselves were nothing out of the classic mold. But, you can argue that the classics never grow old, and if you follow that logic, then the character development was actually very decent.



Final Thoughts

As I sat on my desk a rainy day last week eating lunch, a friend asked me if this show was worth watching. If you like the Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, stories, I say go for it! If you’re like me, and you watch anime to analyze it extensively, this show will frustrate you. It was a fun watch, because now I can go to school and scream about it with my friend who watched without me, but I was a little disappointed. I know my analysis seams a little harsh, but I truly did enjoy myself as I watched. I did enjoy the characters and the story was fun. Check it out for yourself!