I’ve decided to structure my blog with three different kinds of posts that will alternate each week. This is to bring the focus of my blog to a more narrow direction so that my writing can be more productive towards what I want to learn as a writer.

Anime vs. Literature will be about how themes in anime can be found in all kinds of classic literature. It’s all about showing how “vintage” still applies to the new hip entertainment, especially anime. I’m not always going to talk about purely anime, I’ll also apply literature to some cartoons that are popular now a days. This is designed so that I as well as others will be able to learn more about how themes are recycled over the centuries, so we can write a new generation of stories. At least, that’s my ultimate goal with blogging as a whole, learn as much as I can before I take my cartoon I’ve been writing and present it to some higher power.

Worldview will about different philosophies and ideas seen in anime compared to the way westerners and born again Christians see the world. Opinions are formed out of the way we interpret the world’s affect on us. This is incredibly interesting to me. Understanding how worldview contributes to a person’s behavior style will help writers create more in depth characters and more significant story struggles. By understanding others, we can better understand ourselves, and that will make our art beautiful.

Story Structure and Theme Review. These articles are designed to be more lighthearted. I usually just pick an anime to write about and throw in some of my faith. These are quite fun and easy to write, but I’m looking for more structure and predictability in my weekly posts. This will be seen in the two articles I plan of writing above, but I still want to allow myself the freedom to write about whatever I please every one in a while. These posts should be unexpected and just plain fun, and I’m totally willing to listen to suggestions for any anime or concept or theme to write about! Just ask! 🙂

~ I look forward to what this year has in store for the anime online community, my readers, and fellow brothers and sisters in Christ!