I’m a pretty sappy person, so I’m going to talk about dreams. In one of my classes, Biblical Leadership, our teacher spend the whole class time talking about dreams. When I say dreams, I’m talking about goals. Dreams exist in your head, but it’s when the dream becomes a goal that it has more chance of becoming a reality.

In story telling, the plot is driven my the character’s creating one specific goal, then fighting to accomplish it. We all know the goals of the popular anime, Naruto wants to be Hokage, Luffy wants to be the pirate king, etc. What do these characters do that makes them so successful? Pure dedication? I’m sorry, but that’s not very realistic for those of us who aren’t animated. So how do we accomplish our goals in a more realistic way?

First, we must learn the art of setting goals.

There are some people in the world who seam to have the endless energy to peruse their goals like Naruto. Those people should just be put in another category apart form reality. Comparing ourselves to them does not help us reach our own dreams. When your going to set a goal, it doesn’t have to be intense enough to be made into an anime.

Cat Returns Haru thinking about cats

My teacher first asked us If we’ve ever felt like we were wondering aimlessly in life. As a Christian, I know that one of my purposes in life is to Love God and Love others. But even you can bottle your purpose as a child of God into a near four letter sequence, that feeling, the drive towards that isn’t always as bright as a nine tailed beast reeking havoc inside you.

Personal goals can be an off shoot of your “life’s purpose” to help keep this purpose louder in our lives, but you know, sometimes we just want to loose weight or we want to write a novel, or go on that road trip we’ve always wanted to. Those are the small goals that are just as important. When we peruse a goal, we build character. When we fail, we learn something, when we get back up, we’re stronger.

How would you feel if you didn’t have any small goals in life? Life would seam pretty boring, like we were just wondering through the small daily tasks. I don’t know about you, but sometimes, I would lie on my bed and feel like life was nothing. Get up, go to school, get home, do homework… I knew my goal was to graduate, but it just hurt existing in the time in between. I needed something to look forward to – a goal I wanted to complete.


Even when we’re looking forward to a new event, we’re setting a goal. The goal is to attend, and survive the time in between. Even if we don’t verbalize a goal like that, looking forward to events is a small way to set goals that gives us more fire in our lives.

Goals that we can put into words are more specific. These goals bring focus onto thing we desire. A goal can have something to do with wanting clarity on a subject. Perhaps that’s research on something, or we want to find the courage to confront someone who we’ve had a disagreement with.


When we finally complete a goal, the feeling of closure is a very unique and hardy emotion. That feeling an be more or less intense for different people, but for those of us who are rather loud in general, we can feel like Naruto after becoming hokage, Kirito when he broke out of SAO and saved Asuna, Maka defeating the Keshin, Edward and Alphonse getting their body back, or some battle character who just defeated the bad guy and is now standing in his pool of blood. Well, the last one could be an exaggeration or reality.

My point is that goal setting, engaging, and completing on what ever level of intensity gives you permission to feel like your favorite anime character. I think that goal setting is the best way to feel like our animated heroes.

If you want to be an anime character, set a goal, something specific and measurable. Find someone to keep you accountable. Make your goal realistic to your strengths. Put a time limit on your goal, years or days. The time cap will give you more reason to fight.

And when your finished, give your self time to think and get closure on what you’ve just completed. Make time for your excitement to exist at it’s greatest intensity in your soul before you run out and brag to all your friends.

I hope you can see goals and dreams in a new light! What are your goals this year?