My family and I went to go see Captain America Civil War last night. My youngest sister noted how violent it was. The plot sometimes got lost in all the fighting. There were so many moving parts, characters, and relationships that made it confusing at times. The biggest thing I took away from the movie however, was Steve Rogers’ relationship with James Bucky Barns, and how much it reminded me of Naruto and Sauske.

My dad has come to the point in the series of Naruto where he thinks Naruto’s pursuit of Sauske is pointless. Sauske is too lost and evil that he can’t come back to the light and make it believable. The series is so long that Naruto’s little Sauske quest gets boring, and feels a little bit like he’s beating a dead horse. It almost seams wrong of Naruto to be so obsessed with his little evil friends, he must not be thinking clearly anymore.


The same situations pans out for Steve Rodgers. Everyone around him tells him that what he’s doing in wrong. What he feels is wrong. What he believes is wrong. What Peggy Carter says is wrong. But Steve sticks to what he knows to be true and he stays loyal to his fallen friend. I’m sure there were many times that the audience felt that Steve just needed to give up and let go. He was taking the situation so far that it wasn’t worth it anymore. But once I took a step back and looked at the movie as a whole, I saw that what Steve was fighting for was a good and righteous thing, period. There were many whos actions and thoughts made Steve look bad, but in my overall opinion, Steve was fighting for what was right.

Now, there may have been many times where Steve’s intentions were good, but his actions breed the opposite. This happened so many times in the movie, it was laughable. These superhero’s are still humans, and even if you’re fighting for what’s right, you can still make a stupid mistake.

How many times did Naruto make a stupid move and Kakashi or Yamato, or Shikamaru, or anyone yelled with eyes bulging out of their heads? And yet somehow, everything words out. (It’s an anime thing).


Look at Vision. He in incapable of being bad. He is so holy that he was able to lift Thor’s hammer. Still, Vision was fighting and accidently shot War Machine out of the sky severally hurting him. His intentions were pure, but his actions caused a horrible outcome. This just goes to show you that everyone is human and makes mistakes, even if your not really even humans.

Psalm 133:1

“Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity!”

What’s important I believe about this movie, and Steve and Naruto’s dedication to their friends, is the definition of what is right and wrong. The thing about fighting for what’s right is that nothing else matters when you know what your doing is the correct things. If God tells you to do something, you do it because you know it’s right and no amount of judgment against you by other opinions can take away from the fact that whatever God told you to do is correct. It’s simple, but the world likes to make a giant mess out of it.

Steve’s body language shows how dedicated he is to getting Bucky to safety.

It’s a very powerful thing to be able to tell the difference between right and wrong, let alone in an argument or battle. That’s called discernment. I found there were a lot of political layers in the “Civil War” that applied to our world right now, and watching how my beloved characters deal with them made me think a little deeper about the real world around me, and what I might have done in their place, because, someday I may have to make choices like the ones they had to make.

Towards the end of the Civil War, the sides that were drawn sort of blurred into each other as more information was released and they realized that they all had the same goal in the first place – to stay together. But in the end, who was right? Who was more right? Do I have the loyalty Steve had to Bucky?


Through all of Naruto, Naruto never gives up on Sasuke even thought he’s a wanted murder. Naruto has a special connection with Sasuke that keeps them connected. Naruto knows what loneliness feels like. It may be a different kind of loneliness then Sasuke, but it still runs deep and hurts a lot. While Naruto grew up and made friends with the village, Sasuke ran off and chose to becomes friends with his hate. The same thing happened to Steve and Bucky. Steve woke up all those years later alone in a world that didn’t make sense. Bucky had been turned on and off like a robot over the years stripped away from his own humanity and ability to understand right and wrong. Sauske and Bucky were put in positions where they were nothing more then weapons. Steve and Naruto realized that there were in a position where they could save their dear friends from themselves. Not only that, but they were the only ones who could.

As well, Naruto and Steve were willing to fight their friends to stop them from doing bad things. Naruto and Steve show true friendship and descernment as they are able to come to realize that their friends are pretty evil people. They reveal true friendship and loyalty in how they’re willing to go down the path to redemption with their brother that has to begin by physically fighting them.


Loyalty like Naruto and Steve’s is something to be admired as we enter a world that is started to feel like Civil War. We need to have loyalty to our friends even when they turn their backs on us, but more importantly, we need to have loyalty to what is right. We cannot abandon our moral code just because it isn’t lining up with society anymore. We need to be holy – set apart like Steve Rogers as people who can discern right and wrong, and pursue it with every ounce of our being. Take a lesson from Naruto and Steve, because their situations are more applicable to real life them I think we realize. Love deeply and never give up on your friends!




 – What have I been up to?

Finals/Graduation has had me busy busy busy. I’m so excited to get back into the swing of blogging and writing my stories as the summer comes around! However, I’m going to have to take another break from blogging as I am going to Japan next week! I will be in Tokyo for two weeks for a missions trip with my school. I would appreciate your prayers and I wish I could give each and every one of you a souvenier!

You’ll have a very long post about my trip when I get back!


Teresa Christina