I leave for college in a few days. My time as a high school-er is over. My childhood is over. Woe is me. I have many sorts of emotions about this whole situation that can only be explained properly with the many colorful expressions of anime. I hope there may be others out there who understand and relate to me, so enjoy my list of emotions that explain my feelings about going to college!

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Scared. This is the classic first emotion people think of when you enter college. Yes, I am very scared because it’s all unknown. On the outside I put on a brave confident face, but on the inside I feel like I’m being electrocuted. The idea of being out into a new place makes me feel twitchy and cringy like this scene in Kiznaiver.


Excited. This is the second most common emotion related to going to college. I am truly very excited. I feel like Gon going to the Hunter Exam in order to find his dad, only I’m going to school in order to get a degree and make my dreams come true!


Scared to be Excited. This is an interesting one. I feel like a mixture of Mikasa and Erin. Like Erin I’m excited to take on the titans (or books) but mostly I’m like Mikassa who is afraid of the insane and disturbing about of passion Erin has about killing all the Titans.


Lonely. I am a weird person. I do weird things, I make weird noises. Like Naruto, my greatest wish is to be accepted and loved. In order to achieve that, Naruto set out to become Hokage. I don’t have a plan yet to achieve acceptance, I only hope while I sit alone that people will like the crazy, colorful, anime side of me. (I did hear a rumor that someone at college was starting an anime club…)


Escape. Sometimes, I just need to get away from my family. I have three siblings, so the house is always loud. I also just want to be my own person, not bound by the old ways of those people who raise me… just kidding I love my parents.

Every character in Durarara is running from, looking, or wanting something. Like Mikado, I want to run away to a new exciting world with yellow scarves, possessed swords, and headless women. College will probably not be like that, but one can hope.


Immature. I am just a little girl on the inside! Like Tamaki! I want to cry in the corner, yell when I don’t get my way, and dress up randomly for no reason except fun. Yes, I still want to be a child.


Territorial. In Fairy tail, the Guild Hall is like a second home to the wizards. My bed space is sacred. I need it just the way I want or I become a monster. Currently I share a room with my sister, and there are many… problems. Now, I’m going to have to share a room with three other girls, that’s like sharing a room with all my sisters, except it’s not acceptable for me to lovingly slap them randomly. How would you feel if you were a wizard, and you suddenly had to share a guild hall with another rival guild?


Confident. I’m a young student who believes she can work hard to make the world a better place and my dreams will come true! Yes, I live in childish ignorant bliss, much like Light Yagami who believes he can make a better world with his Death Note. And I’m going to try and stay that way as long as I can. With my writing utensil and a notebook (Or actually just my laptop) I will change the world like Light.


Sorrowful. This is sorrow for lose of my childhood. It’s kind of like watching your younger self die. Yes, I’m very dramatic. Sometimes I feel like Kirito the moment Asuna died in his arms. What is happening, the one person closest to me in now dead, what do I do?

symmetry_by_deathgirl88-d6oi6epDetailed. I love lists. I’ve been making lists of everything I’ll need for this journey and going on Pintrest like a mad woman. Out of anxiety, I become a detailed oriented crazy person like Death the Kid. I don’t want to forget ANYTHING!


Blameful. This one is obviously absurd. For everything that happens in anticipation for college, I refuse to take responsibility for the world around me. I am a innocent bystander just watching as the world beats down on me. It’s a “It’s not my fault, it’s the Yo-kai” mentality, like Nate from Yo-kai watch.


New Beginnings. This is the perfect opportunity to show off the new person I created while in high school. I can be anyone I want to be. No one knows the stupid things I’ve done, or dumb thing I‘ve said while “drunk” on sugar and soda that one night my whole class and some teachers had a party. I can let go of my past, and become a new person. I am like Kenshin the wanderer. I understand that God forgives my every sin, and that he will carry me to exactly where I need to be.