Alright, so the only anime I’m really watching this season are Orange and Sweetness and Lightening. Other blogs made a big fuss about ReWrite, but I just couldn’t swallow it. My excuse is that it made me feel weird. One day I’ll just read the visual novel. I haven’t dabbled in that bit yet.

These are my (almost) deepest thoughts for these shows this season.


Time travel. A very popular theme in story telling. Some do it wonderfully like Doctor Who, Harry Potter, and others just fail so… horribly. Orange has a very subtle way of drawing time travel into the plot that really drives the theme. It’s a cute show that sometimes makes me cringe with all the hormones, but the characters are truly some of the most thoughtful characters I’ve seen in a high school anime. That’s one of the biggest reason the show has me hooked.


At first I was afraid the slower pace would turn boring quickly, but I was happily proven wrong. It slowly sped up and trapped my attention in a tiny little box. Now, I do have a longer attention span then others because I grew up watching/reading old Agatha Christie murder mysteries from the 30s, but I honestly believe that Orange is only just slightly slower then it should be. There are fast moments like the swimming pool and fireworks scene, that kind of made me go crazy with “is this what they call intense?”, but those scenes are vital to keeping one’s attention.

As a storyteller, I‘ve learned many things from this anime. It’s important to have real characters that deeply care. Making them innocent and pure is a beautiful way to throw them far into character development. Characters like that begin just as we do, ignorant, before the story starts. We can compare our own growth with theirs, and that personal element draws us into the show.


The plot doesn’t have to be really deep. The bare minimum in this case is just enough. You don’t need a lot of explosions, or fight scenes, or moments that make you want to rip your eyes out, to have a good anime. This show isn’t intense like any other show this season may be, it has it’s own intensity hidden away from obvious view. This is where the series truly shines. The key to the show is how it makes one simple emotional fact – Kakeru committing suicide – and makes it seam a lot more dramatic by making it not so dramatic. It is a very, very big and serious deal yes, but while some anime use themes like this to built upon an even more dramatic note, this anime uses one simply but heartbreaking act to move mountains in the emotional department.


Sweetness and Lightening

Since this show doesn’t really have a real plot, I can call one of my sisters passing by to come watch with me, and it’ll totally make sense to them where ever we are in the series! This is a good thing. Sometimes, you need the more mindless shows to balance all the kick butt. This is a reason I love anime. It can master all sorts of tones of entertainment. I’ve never seen any story telling as intense, violent, deep, and emotional as anime, but on the flip side, I’ve never seen story telling as cute, innocent, deep and emotional as anime.


Sweetness and Lightening is a sweet show on the backdrop of a sorrowful small plot. The show wouldn’t be as cute as it is if husband hadn’t gone through such a tragedy. If there was a mother in this show, we wouldn’t be an interested. In fact, it would be really weird for this guy to be cooking with a random student of his when his wife was back at home… So now I understand why Disney makes all that money, kill the parents and everything is mountain s cuter. Why is this? Has pain suddenly become adorable?

I suppose people like to watch others working hard through difficult situations. Looking on the bright side of things is very attractive. Strength is entertaining to watch.

Are we watching this show because of the child or this tragic single (attractive) father?

The animation is super cute. Tsumugi’s hair is a little bit crazy, but I’ll be ok with that. Now, everyone loves how cute the child is, but man, the dad isn’t bad looking either. Would you want to watch a show about a single father if he were ugly? No, he has to be adorable too or it doesn’t work. I suppose this is weird, but I like his hair. I have a thing for hair.

I wish her hair were a little more pointy at the ends, but I know the round edges make her look younger.

Now, you may be feeling guilty that you like this show so much even thought there isn’t really much story or real point. Do not fret. The writers have a goal and that goal is to make you fall in love with this broken family through means of cuteness. On the cuteness scale, this anime wins. Measure the show on the measuring stick and by the rules of the creators and then you will see the true value behind it. Don’t compare it to other stories, allow yourself to let yourself enjoy the cuteness unbiased. You’ll thank yourself.

Also I have a very important question. Why is it called Sweetness and Lightening? Does anyone know why? If I were a good anime watcher, I would know and have the energy to look it up, but I’m just a hide under the bed and watch my shows kind of anime watcher.

Final Thoughts

I haven’t been an anime watcher for long, so I can’t really compare this season with other seasons with authority. I do know however that I am enjoying myself. I watch my super intense fight shows in binge increments and get my fill easily. But having to wait a week for the time travel and cuteness to come out makes the experience completely different. It makes it more exciting for me when I can’t control it.

What do you think about this season? What shows have you been watching? Is Tsumugi’s hair believable? Leave me your thoughts in the comments below ^_^