Today’s post is a little different then my usual posts.

Have you heard of Loot Crate They’re a monthly crate subscription service that sends out a variety of fun fandom merchandise that all goes along to a theme they pick out. They’re currently hosting a project where they’re asking fans what they would do if they were able to create their own dream Loot Crate box, and they asked me to create one! I had a lot of fun with this. The theme I choose was Girl Power. Girls love anime too! But often this industry is run over by boys and merchandise tailored to boys. There are strong female characters in anime that can teach us a lot about ourselves and the world around us. Girls (and boys too) should not feel ashamed to love anime! I picked items from anime who have a strong female lead. Sword Art Online, Sailor Moon, Naruto, Fairy Tail, and Your Lie in April. This box isn’t just for girls, guys love a strong female character too!

Thank you Lootcrate for asking me to use my imagination – my favorite thing to do!


Asuna’s Sword Key Chain

Asuna is a powerful woman. She teaches us that it’s ok to have deep emotions and to be scared. What matters is what we do with that fear, and how we let it shape us. She understand the importance of sacrifice, and she has a deep love that most girls her age could never understand. I would love a key chain of her sword to remind me to stay strong and love deeply.


Sailor Moon Plush

Sailor Moon is a cult icon. She has been the image of powerful girls since she first premiered. Having a soft plush of her on my bed would remind me to fight like a girl and always protect what is right in this world.


Naruto: Sakura’s Story.

Sakura is a character that everyone makes fun of. Yes she went through a very awkward phase where she was useless, but she grew out of it. What Sakura teaches girls (and boys) is that we need to take out time with growth and be patient with ourselves. Give Sakura a chance!


Lucy’s Keys

Lucy may not be the most “powerful” wizard, but she is a kind, good person. She encourages me to trust my friends, to have faith in others and see the good in life. Having her keys would remind me to live each day with a brighter smile then the last.


Your Lie in April Poster

Kaoru is the strongest female in anime in my opinion. She is such a role model for girls (and guys) because she is a fighter. She may not be in a shonen anime, but she is still just as strong as any ninja, or fighter. She has inner strength, which is hard to teach young girls in these times. She loved life deeply and at the end, wasn’t afraid to truly be herself. Having a poster of her in my room would encourage me to remain strong through my struggles and look to the people who give me strength.

What do you think of my picks? What would you put in your own box? Let me know in the comments!