I will be starting a new series of posts designed to be like open when letters. My best friend is leaving this semester to study abroad, and her boyfriend asked me to help him think of some “Open When” letter ideas.

My greatest longing with this blog is to create relationships. I long to connect with all kinds of people in this wonderful community and reach out a hand in encouragement and love. I realized recently that my purpose in life is to encourage people. One of the ways I want to do that is through blogging! I’ve already seen how God can use writing to bless people, so I want to be the instrument God can use to bless people through my writing.

These Open When letters are designed to reach people during a specific struggle or concern or doubt. Love and answers for just when you need it.

This week’s letter is for those who want to start new.

I write this for New years season, but that doesn’t mean you can only start new in January. Any day can be the day you take change of your life and you start anew! In every shonen anime that was ever created, the hero started a new life. Once he was ordinary, then he meets a mysterious figure who inspires or teaches him to be a stronger, better person. Ichigo met Ryukia, Naruto met Iruka, Lucy meets Natsu, Tamaki meets Haruhi, Kousei meets Kaori, the list doesn’t end. Good people tend to make us better people.


But what if we feel stuck, what if we can’t find anyone or anything to inspire us to begin again? Where can we find hope? Often we find ourselves at the bottom of the ocean like Kousei. We’re hurt, we’re depressed, we can’t see a way out, so we continue to live our lives as if it will never get better. We live only half of a life. Suddenly, Kaoru comes in and brings new colors to the world. Kousei realizes that there is so much happiness he couldn’t see. Kaoru teaches him how to be happy again. We crave redemption like this. We long to be happy again. But it seams that Kaoru came into Kousei’s life by chance. It was either random or fate. So how do we find our own personal Kaoru?

What if I told you that there is a God in this world who loves and cares for you? He wants you to call on him so he can make you new!

2 Corinthians 5:17

This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!

So how does one become a child of God, or “belong” to him? First you have to accept that God loves you and choose to believe in him. There is a gift of redemption waiting for you, but you can’t have it unless you open it. Unwrap the pretty paper and discover how beautiful God’s redemption is. God wants to bring new meaning to your life.

Maybe you’re asking, “Why hasn’t God ever showed up in my life before?” Have you ever tried to make a friendship with God before? Maybe this post is God asking you to be friends. Maybe this is your chance to ask God to make you new. What do you have to loose?

I’m here to tell you that redemption and new life like we see in Your Lie in April is real, and it’s even better in real life then in an anime! In my own life, God has redeemed me in more beautiful ways then I’ve seen in anime. Like Kaoru, I battle chronic sickness. I have Lyme disease, and I suffer from really bad anxiety and depression. But even though I suffer, God makes me new because he gives me a purpose in life that is worth fighting illness for.

This was me before I let God make me new again.


Both Kaoru and Jesus died. But Jesus rose from the dead because he’s God, and God can do that. He wasn’t going to leave you alone! You’re redemptior will not stay dead. He is alive and well. Imagine how Kousei would have felt is Kaoru came back to life? That is true with your savior!


He’s standing right there, asking you to take his hand. Kaoru is REAL. Kaoru is God who wants to be your savior. He doesn’t want to see you suffering. It breaks his heart to see you cry at night. Those thoughts you have at night are lies. Do you want to know how God thinks of you? He thinks of you as a priceless beauty. Maybe you’ve never heard that before, but I’m telling you it’s true. You are so full of worth, God died for you.

In my own life, I have found Kaoru. I am happy because I have God in my life. I am not defined by my sickness. I am defined by my identity in Christ. Once I was sick, depressed, and broken, now I am alive and thriving.

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