We all need to be fought for. We all desire to be loved and protected. There are many examples of this in anime. My two favorites are Satoru from Erased protecting Hinazuki, and Hinata from Naruto protecting Naruto himself from Pain. Anime has a good grip on how important this concept of protection is to the human soul. That’s one of the reasons we love anime so much, it addresses the deepest cries of our hearts.


Why did Hinata and Satoru have such convictions to help Naruto and Hinazuki? Do we often see this concept in society? I wish we did more. The reason Hinata and Satoru sacrificed themselves is because of love. Our society does not have a good grasp on love, but the characters we create do.

Where did love come from? Are we hardwired to love others? We sure love ourselves. But there is a special thing that happens when we reach outside ourselves and love another person. We act out this love by protecting the very concept. Love is within us, it’s just hard to find. We need to be constantly reminded to love others by seeing examples in anime and by living in close communication with the one who created the concept.

The reason humans have the ability to love is because God made us so that we could love him. This wasn’t a selfish act, God doesn’t need our love and when we love him, he doesn’t gain anything because he is already perfect. You might not believe me, but loving God is good for us. When we love God and we love other people, we are fulfilling the very role God had in mind for us.

Loving others is the reason for our existence, but as well as the act of love being healthy for us, we need to be loved as well. We can’t trust other humans to love and protect us because they will always fall short. We need to look to the one who will love and protect us forever.

It’s easy to say that God will fight for us, but how can we actually see how that will work? God fights for me every day because I’ve asked him to. God protect me from my depression by providing for me. He put special people in my life that acted like shields for my depression. I was fought for when God gave me a best friend who would hold me when I cried because I was in so much pain. When I had battles against negative thoughts, thoughts of suicide, and arguments with demons, God brought a strong male friend into my life who could spiritually protect me from myself and the spirits against me. Then God had my friends teach me how to overcome depression, even though they had never had depression before. I watched God working in my life every day, in every smile of my best friend, every late night conversation I had with my male friend.

God’s protection works in different ways for different people. For Israel, God physically protected them from the one out to get them. Read all of Judges. It is a book where God saved Israel in battle every single time even thought Israel worshiped other gods over and over again!

No matter what you’ve done, God still wants to protect you.



Both Hinata and Satoru sacrificed their health and well being for their loved ones. Satoru was thrown into a river in the middle of winter and went into a comma. Hinata was thrown into the air by Pain and flopped on the ground like a dead fish (all while Naruto was watching, helpless).

God, who is Jesus also sacrificed his physical health to protect you. God created a place called heaven where only blameless people can go after death. Otherwise, you go to the other place to pay for your mistakes, just like a criminal who has to go to jail for a crime. But this is jail for everything bad you’ve ever done.

No one is perfect. “For we all fall short of the glory of God.” Romans 3:23. So basically, we don’t make the cut for the requirement of heaven. PERFECTION. Why did God make a place where we can’t go? He had a plan… tehe.

God was going to have none of this silliness. Still, someone had to take the punishment humanity deserved, so he decided to do it himself. He became a man, who we know as Jesus, and died a terrible death so that we wouldn’t have to pay for our mistakes. Satoru fell into the enemy’s grip so that Hinazuki wouldn’t. Hinata fought Pain so that Naruto wouldn’t die. Take the love you see from them and imagine God doing that for you.


Maybe you need physical protection. Maybe you need someone to guard your heart because it’s weak and weary. God wants to provide both for you. Believe it or not, God wants to protect you. Why don’t you ask him to? There is a Satoru and Hinata out there who wants to be there for you. He’s not hard to find. He’ll come looking for you, you just need to open your eyes to him.

Imagine how wonderful it would be to be protected like an anime character? Let me tell you, it’s a reality.