My love language isn’t physical touch, but there is a big part of me that longs to be physically protected. I want someone’s arms around me holding me and comforting me. Life is hard, my life is especially cumbersome. So snuggles have a special place in my heart.

Last semester, my best friend and I would snuggle all the time. (Please don’t be weirded out, it’s a college thing) Sometimes we would have sleepovers (which was funny because she lived a room away from me) and share the bed. I love being physically close to those I love and trust. On Friday nights, a good friend and I flop on top of each other and watch Avatar the Last Airbender.

My best friend is dating one of my other really good friends. They also like to snuggle a lot. I third wheeled a lot last semester while they snuggled. One time they were snuggling and it was like three in the morning. I was particularly longing to snuggle with my own boyfriend, but he was thousands of miles away. I rolled over in the couch and pouted. I felt alone.

Tamaki also really wants the snuggles. Like me, he doesn’t handle emotion very well. So when he longs for Haruhi, there is often flopping on the floor and crying and some yelling. This is how I usually handle my longing for snuggles. Just ask my friends.

So when you just can’t stand it and you need those snuggles, what do you do?

Perhaps a Christian may tell you that God will satisfy all your needs, even your snuggle needs. I believe that when that is said, it means that we will want for nothing once we get to heaven. We live in a fallen world, and I don’t think that our desires are supposed to be fully fulfilled here on earth. Its tough. We can’t always have the snuggles.

Our snuggle obsessions can only be satisfied by skin. Sometimes, we just need a Jesus with skin. That spiritual high can’t hug you. We’re creatures created to want physical touch, and as long as you have pure intentions and you don’t sin in your mind, physical touch is a great thing! Bring on the hugs! (Keep married things in marriage and you’re set to go)

For people like me and Tamaki who just can’t handle it, we need to learn to not dwell on our physical desires and instead focus on how God can fulfill us. When I was on the couch watching my friends snuggle it out, I heard the holy spirit whisper to me…


“Why don’t you snuggle with me?”

Excuse me, what?

That’s right. He meant spiritual snuggling! And no, I’ve never read of this in the bible, but apparently it’s a thing because it happened at three in the morning. I had a longing for physical intimacy, and the Holy Spirit filled me so much that I didn’t desire it anymore. I was so in love with God that a Jesus with skin didn’t seam like a need anymore. If Tamaki could learn to snuggle with the Holy Spirit like that, he might have a less dramatic time.

Spiritual snuggling is not an emotional high. It’s an experience of being filled with the Holy Spirit and just being. I’m big on emphasizing that everyone has a different relationship with the Holy Spirit. There is no wrong way to “do” the God thing. Praise comes in many forms, so don’t bash people who may have weird ideas on how to express love to God. Since I’m an emotional mess, the Holy Spirit often talks to me on an emotional level. We pray together by opening up and just being together.

This is me running into God’s arms 

How can you, the reader, spiritually snuggle with God?

First you need to let God in. He’s not a “friend with benefits.” If you’re going to snuggle you need to be friends first. How do you let God in?

“Hey Jesus, I want you in my life bra. Let’s do this relationship thing.”

It’s that easy.


Going to church can’t save you, but talking to the pastor and having fellowship with the community can help you learn more about God.

And BAM, you’re on your way to snuggling.

*drops the mic*