Thank you Matt in the Hat for nominating me for this award! Matt is a wonderful writer who loves Jesus and anime. What can be better then that? Please check out his blog!

Here are the rules:


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Seven things…. What can I put online that won’t give my identity away?

  1. I’ve met three friends I made on the internet in person before. All three of then have gone/go/will go to my college. Which is pretty crazy because it is a very small college!
  2. I have three little sisters. We like to pretend we are the sisters from Little Women. I’m Jo of course.
  3. I have two cats, Mochi (the food) and Koa (means Brave in Hawaiian) I have had three other cats as well, Jackie, Mabel, and Kitty, but I left them in California.
  4. I refer to the Hawaiians as “my people” and people look at my skin color and are confused. My “real people” are from an island still. My people are Scottish and I take a lot of pride in that. It shows up in my stories often times. I like to throw Celtic themes in my art.
  5. I am currently working on a cartoon called “Forrest Locker” that I hope I can sell one day and voice act in. It takes place in a mythical Celtic world where there is this magic stone fused to my main character’s back.
  6. My favorite anime character of all time is Kushina Uzumaki from Naruto. I identify with her because I feel like having lyme disease is like having a tailed beast. I have extreme mood swings like bipolar (but not) and it feels like a monster lives inside of me that I have to tame. However, this gives me power because when I need to write a death scene in my story I know how to manipulate my mood to make me depressed so I can write a really tragic scene too!
  1. Three anime characters who are the most like me are Kushina Uzumaki (Naruto), Kaori (Your Lie in April) and Kaoru (Kenshin). Looks like I need to change my name to something that starts with a “K”

Well, those were pretty random!

I would love to know some more about you guys, tell me 7 things about yourself in the comments!

I nominate…

Micah “the Manhunter”

Maggie “the Javascript Master”

Sam “the one who is one with the one”