I am so excited for Boruto. Naruto is one of my all time favorite anime. But there are many ways they can mess this up…

The first thing they’re trying to do is switch the Sasuke and Naruto arc types through their children. Boruto is the little rebel who could potentially run away from the village. Sarada wants to become Hokage to bring the ultimate honor to the Uchiha name.

Here is a list of 20 things that I want to see from this new anime…


  1. Boruto and Sarada get together. Everyone knows it’s a thing. I mean, look at all the fan art already…
  2. Redemption of a villain. In today’s stories, that is not a hard thing to come by.
  3. Find another Uchiha in the woods somewhere doing something mysterious. Add drama and whatnot.
  4. New Kekigenkai. (Did I spell that right?)
  5. Tragic death. Kill Boruto or something. No one will see it coming.
  6. I think it would be cool if Sarada because a sage.
  7. Someone please give Mizuki a girlfriend. That child is adorable.
  8. Another child from Naruto. A little boy that looks just like Neji!
  9. Boruto learns 8 trigrams, 64 palms.
  10. Sarada learns rasengan!
  11. Bring Neji back to life for three seconds please.
  12. Put a tailed beast inside Himawari!!!
  13. Sarada meets Itachi somehow and together they save the village
  14. Sarada clears Itachi’s name
  15. Mitzuki gets a mother
  16. Inojin and Hmawari become a thing
  17. One song. I want them to sing one song together.
  18. Ninja cat please. I think Hima would make a good ninja cat master.
  19. If Sasuke wants a clan revival, then how can he do that with only one daughter? Have some married couple time and create a pink hair boy.


That is all I have for today. What are some things you would like to see in this new series?


Peace out lovelies.