So I was thinking, I was made in the image of God right? Well, why then is my physical body a piece of crap?

That was a bit intense sorry.

I have a chronic illness that has been difficult on me lately. It got a little out of hand while I was working here at a summer camp, and it was hard for my boss to know how to help me. I’ve been having a hard time wrapping my head around the idea of being made in God’s image when I’m lying in bed feeling like I’m going to pass out. What does God mean? How can this broken person be a reflection of the creator of the universe?

“So God created man in the image of God…” Genesis 1:27

Where do I look? TO AMINE! (after the bible of course)

Kaori is a character I identify with. Although she is a lot better at keeping how sick she is to herself then I am, I strive to be like her. She is the embodiment of joy! She longs to live a full life!kaori-in-the-light

I am the kind of person who, if told I can’t do something, I am going to do everything in my power to prove you wrong.

“Don’t take a job as a summer camp counselor!” they said.

“You can’t do it!” they said.

Watch me.

Now watch my body slowly break down…

Good times.

How can Kaori lay sick and bed and still smile? How is she so perfect at being sick? And on top of that, she doesn’t even know the Lord! What’s going on?

I’ve been running around camp singing and dancing like a mad man until I have to stop and catch my breath without the children knowing that I feel like I’m dying. Please Jesus, work through me and help me reach these kids hearts with my spaz!

There is a song we sing that I absolutely love. It’s called “God’s still working on me.”

The lyrics are,

“God’s still working on me

Chu chu chu

To make me what I oughta be.

And it took six days to make the moon and the stars,

The sun and the earth,

And Jupiter and Mars!

How loving and patient he must be,

Cuz’ he’s still working on me!

There really ought to be, a sign upon my heart,

Don’t judge me if there’s an unfinished part

But I’ll be perfect all according to his plan,

Fashioned by the master’s loving hand.


It goes back to the beginning. It’s a good song.

So, God is still working on me! I’m not done yet, and I will never be where God wants me to be until I get to heaven to be with him. I always have room to grow… to heal.

I smile because I have a lot better reasons to smile then anything my physical body can provide. Even if I have to watch my body slowly break as the years drag on, I know I am destined for heaven.b5zxwza-jpg

I am made in his image because I have the ability to feel. Because I am a fallen being I feel hurt, and scars, and sadness that affect my flesh. God gave me a very special gift, a heart inside my body and a choice. I’ve chosen to give him my heart and to rely on his joy for my strength. That’s why I’m working this job, because there is nothing I like better then singing about how much Jesus loves us at the top of my lungs while dancing like a crazy person. I love kids. I love being alive around them even if my flesh wants to fall over.

Kaori understands how important it is to LIVE life. Every moment is an opportunity to glorify God. Maybe Kaori is trying to prove how beautiful it is to be alive. I am trying to prove how beautiful God is by letting him take over my soul and share it with the children.

Life is hard. But God is worth it.