I happily binged watched the second season of Attack On Titan on my week off last week. I really don’t understand a lot of what happened, (feel free to give me a short description in the comments hehe) As I watched the titans do what titans do and I watched people getting eaten, I couldn’t help but think about how sometimes in life I feel like I am running away/ getting eaten by a titan.

I have that personality that is very sensitive to personalities and conflict. (INFJ) I am also a empathy, so I feel the emotions of others especially when I go to church where all the emotional people are!


So, how does one survive in a world when they feel like they are being eaten by Titans? Especially when you live your life like you are a Kiznaiver? Basically I am comparing feeling the pain of other people to being slowly munched by a giant demon human thing. For highly sensitive people, going into public when there is distress or a single person who is crying, or even a child throwing a tantrum, “It’s all boundaries up! Keep walking until the danger is over!”

What would your first reaction to a Titan be? Would it be to run away? Fight? Honesty, most of the characters in AoT everyone (except Eren you scoundrel) ran away. Often in life when things get uncomfortable, I run away or hide. I have a special pink sheet I carry in my bag with me just in case I have to make a fort. Some people have frowned on that.


Running is also a common practice. Ok I admit that I cry a lot, especially when there is too much emotion for me to handle in public. Before I start breaking down, I will run away and find a place to hide so I can cry in peace. There isn’t really much hiding in the AoT world, there is only fighting. Sometimes, just being around people feels like I am fighting.

“Everyone in this room is breathing. I can hear their breathing. Get ME OUT.”

So what do us introverts do when this happens?


People breath.

There are so many breathing exercises that help so much!

Also meditate. Meditation has gotten me out of a lot of sticky situations. When a social event gets stressful, I take a five minute meditation break and then I’m ready to go back.

A safe friend who won’t judge your introversion. Guys, a safe friend doesn’t eat you. Don’t go towards the titans, they won’t snuggle with you. Go find someone to hide with you under your fort!

That brings me to your fort. Similar to the three walls in the anime, create a fort just the way you need! Call it “Wall Rose” and don’t let anyone who has the potential to be a titan in.

As we saw in the second season, we saw that our closest comrades can turn right around and stab us in the back.

STOP IT! Don’t be that guy! That’s all I have to say. That’s not nice!


My friend just made a joke about my introversion as I was writing this. My goodness people it’s not a disease!