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Inspiring Cartoons and Anime

I like to watch all sorts of shows and review them, but many of these I watched with my father after my sisters went to bed! My father and I bond over cartoons.



Avatar – Nuff Said.


Star Wars the Clone Wars- This is not a kids show. The concepts this show follows are deep and heavy, as it takes place in the middle of a brutal war. We explore politics, military duty, and the Jedi mythology. More then any of the movies this animated series portrays the Sith as pure evil, but we also find secret evil in surprising places. This is what makes the Jedi quest as peacemakers more attractive.

There are many hints of Anakin’s fall to the dark side which help explain his seemingly sudden transformation in episode III. This series helps make the prequels enjoyable. The story also follows one of my favorite relationships- Master and Apprentice (or Padawan). Ashoka Tano started her journey very “snippy”, but she grows into an independent young woman who young girls can look up to and learn from.

Gravity Falls –I love this show because it’s so stupid, but underneath, it’s heartfelt and meaningful. The relationships are deeper then the appear. Dipper, the twin brother always chooses what is best for his sister even when it’s heart. We watch Dipper g on crazy adventures with his twin sister Mabel, deal with his crush on an older girl Wendy, his secret hatred for her boyfriend, and the wonderful world of puberty and going up.

There are subliminal messages in almost every single scene. There is also a secret message at the end of every episode. The jokes aren’t just to make you laugh, they’re hints to finding out the mystery of the strange sleepy town. It’s an all around wholesome cartoon with fighting and cool sweaters.


Generator Rex –This is one of my favorite cartoons. It’s the first nano-punk cartoon. The main character a teenage boy is just the right amount of compassion and immaturity. He takes his mission seriously and has a true heart for others. Plus, he has cool, but kind of weird powers. He can turn part of his body into machines!


The Avengers, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes – this is how I learned all the Marvel mythology. It’s addicting and the animation is very exaggerated especially when it comes to the men’s muscles. If you like Marvel, this is a good show, but it will spoil everything Marvel is writing for the movie franchise. Because of this show, I can personally predict everything that will happen in the upcoming movies. It’s like some sort of super power…


Over the Garden Wall- This show is creepy. It’s the result of a writer’s overactive imagination, but it’s the strangness that hooks you in. You want to understand how pumpkins can come alive, or how woodland creatures can attend school, or why animals can talk when they “clearly they don’t have the brain capacity to.” It’s fun watching these two brothers as they run around the woods just trying to get home.


Young Justice – I want nothing to do with the DC Universe. Except for this show. Same with my arguments for not wanting to like My Little Monster, Young Justice explores the realtionships between teenagers which can never be realistic of true teenager dynamics. The superpowers did help ease me into it. The themes of teamwork, redemption, and friendship are what  made me fall in love with this show. It was slightly dark at times, but I think that was a healthy dose of good vs. evil.




Rurouni Kenshin Trust and Betrayal – This show drew me in because of it’s themes of honor, duty, and redemption. This is an anime I use to explain my testimony. This anime is full of pain and loss, but it also highlights the beauty of redemption and love. This anime helped me understand the significance of Jesus death on the cross. It is the most powerful anime I have ever seen.


Bakuman – is a show that’s near to my heart because it reminds me of myself. As a child I was always overly passionate about everything. When I was in 4th grade in a ball of tears I vowed I would becomes the best writer I could be, and that very emotional moments reminds me of Mashiro’s intense dedication for his dream to become a manga artist. This anime is inspiring, and fun! It’s a cool possibly realistic look into the world of publishing manga!


Kiznaiver –  is a show that a friend suggested, and I’m glad she did. This show is basically about how eight friends learn empathy. It’s a journey of teenage hood pain and bliss boiled down into just 12 episodes. It’s though provoking and emotional, but truly beautiful. The characters are foils for each other, making each person a better version of who they were in the past. Push friendship to the limits with this show.


Noragami – to me is one of the best animes that can help you understand Jesus’ love and what it meant for him to die on the cross. There are amazing fight scenes, friendship and dedication to beautiful degrees, and very defined characters that make this show binge worthy. It also takes place on the backdrop of the Shinto religion which helped me feel like I could peer into the world behind the anime even more.


Erased – May be a more main stream show, but it captivated me. This was the story of how far someone goes to fight for what’s right. You can see it in his eyes. Through the eyes of an innocent child we get to see the world how how sinful and abusive it really is. Fighting evil, real evil like child abuse and neglect that could exist even next door to you, has never been more moving.


Orange – This is an anime that made me scream and cry. This anime teacher you what real friendship is. Not everyone can get a second chance to erase their regret like Naho can, but this anime reminded me that we need to live each moment to the fullest, loving life, loving God, and loving the friends God gave us.


Main stream Addictions…



Sword Art Online I- I loves swords and weapons in general. I also love emotion. That is what makes up this show. The relationship between Kirito and Asuna reminds me of something I would write and inspires me to be bold with my characters! I loved the classic “knight going to save the princess in the tower story”- but it has major twists. Many feel it is overrated, but it has good reason for it’s popularity. This is also the show that got me into anime in the first place.


Naruto/ Naruto Shippuden- This show is special to me, because it’s something my sisters and I bond over. All three of us are love our martial arts and we’re constantly fighting (I mean, hand to hand combat) in the kitchen. The relationship between Naruto, Sauske, and Sakura reminds me of our relationship. As martial artists, we love watching the fight scenes and all the blood that floats through the air in some scenes. One of my sisters is also a writer, so the both of us love the intensity and beautiful story telling although I am the one who had the breakdown after the first story arc during the first season. This show has really introduces the three of us into the world of Japan beyond what we knew from Karate and Aikido. I was afraid when they asked me to introduce them to anime, but I think I picked the perfect show to show them this world.

I’m always open to something new, if you have any suggestions, I’d love to hear your thoughts! 


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