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Open When…


I will be starting a new series of posts designed to be like “Open When Letters.” My best friend is leaving this semester to study abroad, and her boyfriend asked me to help him think of some “Open When” letter ideas.

My greatest longing with this blog is to create relationships. I long to connect with all kinds of people in this wonderful community and reach out a hand in encouragement and love. I realized recently that my purpose in life is to encourage people. One of the ways I want to do that is through blogging! I’ve already seen how God can use writing to bless people, so I want to be the instrument God can use to bless people through my writing.

These Open When letters are designed to reach people during a specific struggle or concern or doubt. Love and answers for just when you need it.

Open When…

…You Want to Start New

… You Feel Alone

… You Need to Be Protected 

… You Need to Snuggle

… You Can’t Go On


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